Writing a perfect ending to your story

Quite often students are faced with a task of writing a story and presenting it next day during a class session. Story writing differs slightly from general essay writing or structuring up a particular topic, it requires you to first visualize the complete story in your mind, imagine each and every plot and then type it down on paper to create emotions, communicate expressions and keep the reader involved with your story.

Story writing assignment, sometimes frustrates students, especially how to develop the plot and writing a good ending. This article will talk about creating a perfect finesse for your storyline and develop a perfect conclusion. Impactful ending requires three major elements; one is leading towards the end, second is composure and closure and third is a surprise.

Best stories lead readers towards the end in a very synchronized and subtle way, always build up towards the end of the story from line 1, as it keeps the entire structure in place. Just like foundations hold the entire design, similarly ending of the story holds the complete skeleton of the storyline if the ending is weak and incomplete then the whole structure falls apart. Throughout the story give few glimpses of what users should be expecting towards the end.

Composure and closure are extremely important to an effective plot; a haphazard ending without any hint just for the sake of it always damages the credibility of the story. Make sure each character in the storyline gets proper closure otherwise the story seems vague and incomplete, do not have too many characters, otherwise the ending a story with a perfect finesse becomes difficult.
The element of surprise is always a great value addition to a good story, it is completely shocking the reader and they also tend to go back and read again what exactly happened, this sense of curiosity is a great achievement for a storyteller, always keep an ingredient of surprise towards the end, maybe a secret about the lead character or a last throw of dice unexpectedly from the villain. Surprising ending to a story also leads to the feeling of wanting to know more, readers wish the story did not end here and they are also compelled to believe there may be other versions of the same story which creates different avenues for the writer automatically.

Perfect ending is not difficult if the story has complete focus, good and effective characters and a small surprise. A summary and closure have then been enough to write a perfect ending to a good story.


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