Why being a nerd is not a good idea

College days are that time of a person’s life when one can change the whole course of one’s life. He can change his subjects to choose those which he will be perusing for the rest of his life. He can also make a change in his habits and be the person he wishes to be. Everyone is advised to make the best of his college years and work to make their futures. Grades are extremely important if you want to have a successful career and for that matter, some students give up their social lives and become anti-socialists and become abnormally focused on their studies. Is this a positive change in students or should this attitude be avoided? What are the pros and cons of fashioning your life in this way?

–          Even though this style of life makes it more probable to secure a good score in exams, nevertheless, it does not guarantee it. You may read all the books in the world, but they will not facilitate you if you do not know the proper way of using this knowledge. Thus, to be a successful student, you are not required to give up your life and absorb yourself in your books, but you must gather useful knowledge and you must also learn to use that knowledge effectively.

–          One drawback of anti-social people is that they do not get enough practice of expressing themselves. Though they might read every book in the world, they will not be able to gain from it if they do not learn to portray their thoughts in a conservative manner. If they cannot deliver their views to their audience, then they will become a failure in life. This is because, almost all the professions in the world require that a person must deliver his knowledge to the other in an effective manner, examples of such professions are writing, teaching, researching, and experimenting. All these fields require proper communicative skills.

–          However, if this way of life is adopted for a short amount of time, like during exams or the period of writing one’s thesis, in these cases it can prove to be fruitful. Both of them require that the student must do extensive research on the topic and deliver his ideas. In both the circumstances, success depends on the amount of research done. So giving a larger amount of your time for studies and resolving to be a nerd for a month or two is not a bad idea.


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