Tips for making your college essay stand out among the crowd

College application essays for most students are the hardest part of the whole process. However, just given enough time and attention, this part of the application process can be your edge in getting into your desired college. The first and major tip for the content of an extraordinary application essay, treat it as an opportunity to tell those things about yourself which have not been mentioned in the application form.  For example, forms ask about your achievements, awards, etc., but not about your experiences. Contemplate about some experience that might have changed your perspective and put it onto paper. Jot down the main points and craft it into an essay when you have done so.

A girl once wrote about her father’s death in her college application essay. It showed how a child started perceiving the world as an adult after the great loss. The college accepted her, although her grades were not very exceptional. Do not feel shy in expressing the truth about yourself; colleges want to know more about you through this essay and not read a restatement of your achievements.

Secondly, make sure that the essay you write is your own voice. Ask for opinions from others after you have written your essay, not before it, otherwise, only their ideas would be visible in your essay and the essence of showing your personality and your point of view would be destroyed because the majority of people would be writing clichéd ideas and points. Colleges have thousands of applicants and thus, thousands of essays to check, the usual points by an essay company for writing unique papers  would make the essay repetitive and would not make it stand out.

Third, don’t try to include everything in your essay. Make a thesis statement and go according to it, rather than letting your scattered thoughts, progress in a fashion that links the one point to the other.

Lastly, always proofread for grammar. Do not rely on spell check to check your grammar for you. Proofread it yourself, make your parents or elder siblings read it because incorrect grammar and spellings would make a really bad impression on the checker.

These tips if followed mostly lead to an outstanding essay and impressed college teachers. However, grades and other achievements also play a great role in determining your admission in your desired college, but a brilliant essay can guarantee you admission if you already have good grades.


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