Things to Avoid When Creating a Presentation

Giving a presentation can be quite tricky and would require the people presenting it to be careful about how to deal with the stage fright and other factors. When you have to face an audience, many of the presenters get sweaty palms and dry throats. Therefore, as a consequence it all ends up in a disastrous performance. However, if you have a grip on the topic that you will be presenting, half of your worries may subside. Beware of making the following mistakes while you are delivering or preparing a topic to present on:

 Not preparing your topic well would show in the way you will present it to your audience. If, God forbid, you are asked a question, you panic because all you did was to memorize it.

 Reading from the PowerPoint slides in front of you is another no-no which usually a lot of people have been guilty of indulging in. The audience CAN read and they don’t need you to read it out to them, but to explain the gist of the slides.

 Follow the principle of Keep It Simple Silly (K.I.S.S.) when preparing on a topic as it lets you to stay focused on three to four points, rather than jumping back and forth between the ‘too much information’ that you have on your mind to talk about.

 Design the templates or themes as per your audience’s preferences. Kids would respond better to colorful pictures and illustrations while adults would relate better to sober yet simple layouts.

 Use dark text on lighter backgrounds and lighter colored text on a dark background. Color coordination is really important and can have a huge impact on the success of your performance.

 Use two different readable fonts, one for the heading and a separate one for the context. Avoid using script type of fonts and use Ariel or Times New Roman instead with a much larger size so that the audience can easily read what is on the screen.
 Charts and pictures should be added only to emphasize the main issues in the topic rather than confusing the audience with many illustrations and photos. Never over decorate your slides.

 Keep the slides to the minimum by using 10 to 12 slides only. Otherwise your audience will get bored of the never ending slides and you can be sure of hearing people snoring by the middle of your topic.

 Check all the equipment that you have to use and rehearse beforehand so that no disappointment or commotion may be experienced in front of the audience.


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