The Will To Write: Getting Past The 6 Most Common Obstacles

When you plan to write your paper, doing research and planning seem to be the hardest obstacles. When you get over this fear, then it seems as if the rest of the work will be done with considerable ease. However, there are some complications that every writer faces and these stand in their way of writing an excellent article. This is especially true for students as they are new to the writing practice.

  • The first thing that writers have to deal with is distraction. These distractions can be other assignments that need to be completed or an upcoming party or even the urgent desire to check your e-mail or your Facebook notifications. To write a proper essay, you must deal with all these distractions and find ways to stop them. It is a good technique to allot a specific time and a short term goal for your writing so that you may focus on it and think about getting the work done rather than other stuff.
  • You may even have self-doubts that keep you from performing fully in the task. This is common to all people, even for those with superiority complexes; everyone has doubts about some of their skills. Such people need to give-up this lack of confidence and focus on their work. They can get help from their friends or family who have done similar work and who can give you advice.
  • Fear of a bad outcome is common to ambitious people. Students are usually enthusiastic about some assignments that they are assigned and a research paper is one of them. Usually students plan to write an outstanding paper that they could get published and thus strike two birds with one stone. But, when they set down to write, they get different thoughts and finally become worried about whether or not they could produce a good enough paper to, at least, secure good grades for them. The solution is, again, to talk about your anxiety to your family or friends who can help you through it.
  • Another problem is that of taking out proper time to write your paper that has a longer deadline than all your other assignments. This is especially difficult as the paper slips away from our priority list and gets pushed further and further. So it is recommended that students set short term goals and follow them to make them write regularly and to complete their tasks on time, so they may not end up writing their whole paper on the last day.


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