The future of higher education and what it means to students

Transfer of knowledge from one place to another has been in practice since the ancient times. Ever since the beginning, man was expected to have the best knowledge about the world and the most informed was always the most impressive. These values have not changed even today and even after so many decades, the best informed man is given the highest pedestal. The prosperity of a country is equated with its literacy rate and the more educated the nation, the more prosperous its people will be. To compete with the other nations, every country tries to do new researches and the best researching nation becomes an object of envy for the others.

However, with the advancement of technology, it has become easier for men to travel to acquire knowledge. Most of the people of the world have a passion to educate themselves about the most modern sciences and seek knowledge from the best teachers of the world. For this purpose, they are ready to travel to far off places and stay in completely strange lands. It is only the zeal for knowledge that compels them to make extensive journeys and collect resources to make these journeys possible. The job market also prefers these better educated people to employ as their workers because they have an exposure to the workings of the outer world and have knowledge of an environment different than their own. Thus the world encourages the acquisition of education.

It is not only the students who are anxious to gain knowledge, but the teachers are also encouraging the students to work harder and get better education. There are scholarships available for gifted students in every nation of the world. Every government reserves a part of their annual budget to give to the students who are passionate about acquiring education. It is not only the local governments, but the top universities of the world also provide special scholarships for international students. They collaborate with different governments and reserve seats and scholarships for foreign students. They just have to have a good academic record and write an outstanding entrance essay to get admission. This gives a chance to privileged as well as underprivileged students to study at the top universities. This is a blessing for students as they are ready to work hard but are only discouraged by their financial conditions.


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