How to write a research statement?

Writing or completing a dissertation is one of those academic assignments that students fear the most. If students are weak in any area of their academic courses and subject, then thesis might become a problem for them. As a thesis or dissertation requires using all or a combination of different skills and knowledge gained over your academic life, this is why usually a thesis is one last step towards qualifying for a degree.

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There are many areas where students struggle to improve or work while finishing their thesis. Many students, in some areas of thesis, hire a top custom essay writing company or many ask them to complete the entire work in exchange for an agreed sum of money. This phenomenon has gained much popularity among the academic world. However, some students attempt to complete their work without any extra academic guidance simply because they are too committed to excel or can’t afford to pay money to these companies. For such instances, we provide guidance on identifying research problems and statement for your thesis.

Research statement should be brief: Your research statement should be both comprehensive and concise at the same time. It should be one sentence, something that will explain to the readers about your study, the field it relates to and what it is aimed for. Research statement should be concise enough so readers can easily understand and remember it. Lengthy and irrelevant research statements not only degrade the quality and impression of your work, but also confuse the readers as to what exactly the point of your work is about.

Your research statement should be a summary of your topic and hypothesis: Research statement is a combination of your topic and the hypothesis you wish to attempt or answer. It comes out of the background of your topic and study and will provide readers a complete understanding of the study. It should also give readers a hint as to what will your hypothesis be.

-Research statement should add value: Your research statement should come out as a result of opportunities and areas of research you have identified. It adds value to the already existing work with just one sentence.

Research statement will not be any fact, or number: Always make sure that your research statement is not a fact, or a number. It should be your own analysis with a combination of results based out of primary research and arguments developed through a strong literature review.



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