How self-publishing differs from normal publication in 5 ways

A great writer’s job does not end with just finishing up a good book by writing a great story or a novel, next step after concluding a book and assuring yourself that this is the best piece you can come up with is the publication of that book. Without properly channelized publication the book is not considered to be reliable and does not reach the right market where it belongs to.

Publishing a book differs vastly than publishing a short essay or a paper, it requires you to approach popular book publishers who will go through their quality control and content verification and then try to set a deal with you, new writers struggle to come up with a good deal that benefits them as publishers try to control the situation and writers in need of recognition agree to any offer they are given.

However recently internet and e-commerce platform have changed the scenario completely, now quiet often we see new writers in the industry are turning to self- publication. Means selling through their own contacts and channels as well keeping all the benefits and values same, removing the middlemen from the system. Self publishing is slightly different than normal publication, in one way when self-publishing a book the writer has everything under his/ her own control, all the brand value, recognition and monetary benefits with the sale of the book goes solely to the writer.

Self- Publication also cuts on a great amount of lead time that normal publication takes as there are various steps mentioned that are taken care of before a deal is signed. Thirdly lot of times new writers struggle to find proper space and marketing time with normal publication because of high volume of publications that are to be done and hence they cannot reach the right market at the right time.

Royalties earned by the book can also be kept by the writer; there is no say of the middlemen or the third party in trying to take up other things that come along the success of the book. Finally due to the involvement of a middlemen the books usually are highly priced to cover up the costs of distribution etc, new writers struggle to sell very expensive books, cutting the middlemen off saves a bit of cost and the price gets attractive for first time readers.
Both types of publications have their own downsides and positives it completely depends on the situation of the writer and the scenario of the given market.


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