How reading blogs can make you a better writer?

When people share their thoughts on blogs, a newbie would find it hard to realize the importance of sharing thoughts and an insight to one’s personal life with others. It becomes much harder to convince an amateur to write into the cyberspace for which he/she would not even be paid. But the world of blogging is expanding nonetheless, and people are gravitating more towards writing a fragment of their thought or an essay to be shared with the whole new world out there. Those who think of blogging to be a waste of time and have that snobbish attitude are nowadays suffering when they want to pursue their career as a writer. For when people get to know that you don’t have a personal blog, they wonder how you will establish yourself as a professional. Everyone nowadays is blogging, no matter whether they are a stay-at-home mom, a student or even earning at a multinational company. In short, writing and reading blogs can certainly help you to become a much better and accomplished writer.

Writing blogs can help you in discovering your own voice, your individuality, something that sets you apart from the other bloggers or non-bloggers around you. Writing is a practice that has to be enjoyed rather than being mechanical. Once your writing becomes functional, all your skills and expressions will rust and to avoid that from happening, start a blog of your own and you will know what more you are capable of. You can even be able to influence and help the others around you through your writing. When people read your blog, they leave comments on how it affected or helped them which would be more encouraging. This also helps in connecting with the other writers and builds a strong network of connections.

If you have to write for a newspaper or a magazine, you would never know of the feedback of the readers quickly as opposed to when you share your writing on your blog with your readers. Their positive feedback may mean a lot and would motivate you to write further. Writing for a blog also helps to maintain a discipline of writing regularly as a part of your routine and you will become habitual of expressing yourself. You will get inspiration and motivation by reading blogs written by the other writers and hence, you won’t experience the writer’s block as often as you experienced earlier. You are also able to write much faster for a blog because the more you write, the more you will excel the art of expression.


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