How important is achieving good grades for professional growth

Wherever you go you will hear people saying that your grades are vital for your practical life. You cannot expect an interview call from a good company unless you have a good GPA. Throughout student life you cannot relax because, unless you have the highest score in your class, your grades aren’t good enough. But then we see people who were never good in their student lives, becoming really successful people. They are in the top most positions of reputable firms. Then what is the truth about the horrific statement that says that GPA does not matter?

To make your student life a success you do need good educational qualifications. It doubtlessly plays a role in creating an impression on the recruiting committee when your resume goes for an inspection in a firm. When you have a good GPA to boast off, you get an additional qualification on its own that will help you to be called for an interview to verify that you actually got as good marks in your exams as your C.V suggests. Nevertheless, if you are not exceptionally good in your studies then you can add other things to your resume to compliment you like sports or debates or other performances. These extra-curricular activities create a great impression on the selection committee. A person with numerous participations in such events is preferred by the firms because these activities polish certain characteristics of a personality. They are taken as talented people whose talents can be used by the firm for different purposes.

Another thing that can complement a person is his effective appearance. If the person is called for an interview and he does not appear to be an effective person then he will never get the job. To make a presence commanding and impressive, one must know how to behave formally. He should appear confident in all circumstances. One must not appear feeble with a nervous expression. To get over your nervousness, you can get a little information about the firm you are visiting and be prepared for the puzzling questions like those about your salary expectations.

In the end, what really matters is what you actually learnt during your student life. It could be that you learned all the material, got great grades, but do not know much about the application of the material in the real world. In this case, your interviewer would read through you. Thus, it’s not just about writing an essay, but knowing how the actual work is done.


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