Adapting To Scientific Styles Of Writing

During the whole of a person’s student life, he has been expected to deliver great material related to the topic given. The most important thing in this regard is the material and not how it is presented. In fact, the real talent of writing an essay has never been given a priority in the education department. Students can pass their tests just by completing the objective part of their exams and even in the subjective questions, the teachers go easy on the students because it would be harsh to deduct marks for poor composition in a Science paper, while students can easily get through their language papers by memorizing expected articles. Now, the time is here when the student must face his shortcomings and write proper papers on his own. It is also very important for the student to start practicing formal writing in place of the informal style that he had previously adopted. To make an informal paper a formal one is not hard. It only needs a few modifications and the format will completely change.

To make your paper formal, you should never use the first person “I” as the narrator. The third person is always used in formal writings. Even though some journals ask for the content to be written in the first person, however, it is generally a standard that a formal article is written in the third person. Writing in the third person detaches the writer from the written piece and thus the reader focuses on the work and his attention is not diverted by the intrusion of the writer. It is for this reason that it is appreciated to write in the third person narrative rather than the first or the second.

You also need to use factual data and not state any generalized facts. Generalization is the worst thing that can be done in an essay. If you aim at persuading your audience about some idea, then it is best to put forward a plausible argument with a reasonable premise and valid evidence. Without factual data, the paper will lose authenticity and will be seen as an amateur’s work.

Thus, changing your writing style from an informal one to a formal one is not hard. However, it must be practiced diligently because it is very simple to change one’s style within an article. Thus, the only proper practice can make a writer an expert in adopting this style.


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