5 Top Tips for First Time Thesis writers

What doesn’t kill you, would make you stronger and what wouldn’t discourage you, would help you reach your target! When one has to submit a dissertation, a deadline must be set by that individual to achieve the task by then. Usually students experience a thesis meltdown when their due dates are impending near and they don’t even have a clue as to how to get the job done. For the first timers, it is much tougher than the ones who already have produced papers for their college earlier. So how do you keep that motivation going in full swing? Read on to find out in order to overcome all your initial hesitations:

 Summarizing your dissertation in a sentence will help you focus on the important issues that are to be resolved and taken care of. Such a condensed statement is called the topic or key statement which has the whole problem of your paper in one sentence. You may write it somewhere for you to see on a daily basis in order to be more focused.

 Even if you happen to feel clueless about any fresh or new ideas in your mind, write a few pages with your hand. At the end you will realize that you actually have come across a few ideas which would be worth mentioning in your paper. When you write, all the ideas may flow out of nowhere and you will be pleased with the end result.

 Make sure to prioritize your tasks for each day by writing everything down on a to-do list. This would help you in keeping your priorities in front of you with all the other trivial issues at bay.

 We are the creatures of habit which is the reason why we prefer specific places to sit and reflect while writing. Make sure to write two pages per day. If you want some inspiration and motivation, you may involve an external factor in the form of someone who would read out your paper at the end of a certain number of days. This helps you to remain active and motivated at the same time.

 The abstract of a dissertation is usually completed by the end of the paper when all your proofs and arguments have been properly dealt with and presented. All your evidences and references may build up gradually as it is not possible to complete a paper in a day’s time. Proofreading is definitely going to help in perfecting your writing too.


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