5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Graduation

Students usually aim for a graduation degree or any degree for that matter to help them in landing a good salaried job. But what they are ignorant about is much more pressing and tenacious to be taken care of. Many graduates leave their college or universities with the hope of achieving their goals, but what they are unaware of is the hopelessness that may be lurking right around the corner. As a consequence, many of those graduates, despite being excellent essay writers and one of the most brilliant ones, are left with years of unemployment. Apart from such a lot, there is that group of back-benchers as well who, however, is successful in bagging all the white collar jobs. Now, how do they succeed in doing so? They are aware of the following that has all been laid out for you:
 The degree you get after you walk that stage on your convocation would be nothing when compared with the hard work that you would put in the real world, unless of course you are a Harvard or Yale graduate. If you are successful in getting a job right after graduation, make sure to invest your time into impressing your bosses. It is the diligence and countless hours of struggle that would help you reach where you want to be, nothing else.
 Connect with your seniors and the social group of your alma mater if there is one. Networking is a must when you are at college and lets you build connections that would help you later on when you will be pursuing your career. Don’t hesitate in attending seminars and other events of your college.
 Reserve a portion of your budget for some time out with your friends every once in a while or anything that you have been wanting for yourself which is worth investing in. But make sure not to go overboard in doing so.
 If it is possible, ensure that you clear all your student loans without further ado. Sometimes students are given the option of deferrals or hardships which they can benefit from only if it is necessary. Otherwise, it is better to start paying off the debts earlier.
 Start investing for your retirement or any of the plans for the future, so that when you reach that particular age of retirement, you will have enough funds to last you a lifetime. This would prove to be the wisest of the decisions you ever made right after you graduate.


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