Improving your handwriting in four simple steps

With the growth in technology and over reliance on the use of computers and tablets, handwriting doesn’t seem to be an important aspect of one’s personality these days. The focus on improving your handwriting is now completely minimized by students, as they know most of their assignments and academic work will be tailored to the use of computers, tablets and automated technology, which does not want one to have good handwriting skills. However, having said that handwriting has always been an individual’s important developmental skills which should be taken very seriously from the very early academic age of a school going student. As the academic levels grow and students get old, it becomes difficult for teachers and students themselves to improve and work upon an element of improving the handwriting.

An individual’s handwriting says a lot about them. A quality essay can look the worst with a bad handwriting. According to experts it can define one’s personality and judgment completely. It is also sometimes a way of impression in front of others, so keeping the weapon of exceptional handwriting is very important both in academic and professional stages of everyone. We have gathered around four facts from top handwriting experts of the world, as to how can one work and improve their handwriting skills. However, to be able to do that, one needs to first have total commitment and a willingness to do so with complete honesty and commitment. Those tips are in the following four sections of the article.

Get the right things first

For your handwriting to improve significantly you need two important things, a good paper to write on and a great pen to write with. So first you have to get these two things straight on. Find a pen that is not only extremely comforting when writing for long hours, but also fits perfectly with the way you hold it. For most people fountain pen is what works perfectly, this doesn’t mean it will for you as well. Try some pens to see the feel and how comfortable you get with them.


One of the core reasons of a bad handwriting is poor muscles and tired hands. So if you are planning to write for long, then we suggest you do some stretching with your hands to get the muscles warmed up and sit in a comfortable nice place, that allows for a comfortable writing.

Good Posture

Lying down, while writing, or standing tilted while writing are all the bad poses and can have a really bad impact on your handwriting. It is always advised to have a straight up posture, which sits perfectly on the paper you are writing. This kind of posture provides the perfect platform to rest your hand and start to write down.

Do not forget to write

When students usually come out of their academic age or start using technology a lot, they absolutely stop writing and in a way they forget how to write, which degrades the quality of their writing. So always keep your hand in rhythm by writing something or the other.