Writing a perfect ending to your story

Quite often students are faced with a task of writing a story and presenting it next day during a class session. Story writing differs slightly from general essay writing or structuring up a particular topic, it requires you to first visualize the complete story in your mind, imagine each and every plot and then type it down on paper to create emotions, communicate expressions and keep the reader involved with your story. Read More

4 Easy tips to writing a great climax of the perfectly structured story

Human beings have the neck of storytelling by nature, we are the best sources for a story, as humans we face and experience every single thing every single second. However narrating a perfect story does not come to us naturally we struggle to develop a good plot, write a great situation and sprinkle a perfect ending. The dilemma of finding it hard to produce a quality story writing always frustrates the writers; sometimes climax of a very well written story ruins the entire storyline. Usually badly formed endings of a good narration has four problems, first is an incomplete closure for the characters in the story, second is badly summarized storyline, third is the lacking of subject where at instances the climax takes a completely new direction from the storyline and finally the climax is too predictable. Read More

How self-publishing differs from normal publication in 5 ways

A great writer’s job does not end with just finishing up a good book by writing a great story or a novel, next step after concluding a book and assuring yourself that this is the best piece you can come up with is the publication of that book. Without properly channelized publication the book is not considered to be reliable and does not reach the right market where it belongs to.

Publishing a book differs vastly than publishing a short essay or a paper, it requires you to approach popular book publishers who will go through their quality control and content verification and then try to set a deal with you, new writers struggle to come up with a good deal that benefits them as publishers try to control the situation and writers in need of recognition agree to any offer they are given. Read More