We have a transparent refund policy

Even if ever you do not seem to be satisfied with our quality of work do not consider it as if you have not made a suitable investment. We always believe in improving our work. All refunds are decided by our quality assurance department that reviews certain criteria before finalizing a repayment to any of our clients.

You are allowed to claim a refund; however we have listed down the pointers that you should carefully reviewbefore claiming any refund. Our refund policy is stated below:

  • Plagiarism in content
    Your content is checked through several plagiarism checks before being dispatched to you. Even if after that you believe that your certain content contains plagiarism. We will not refund money for that but we will revise your work to clear out any plagiarized content that you may point out.
  • Facts and Figures
    If any numerical analysis made by our writer or any quoted figures are found to be incorrect then you are eligible for a refund. However, if the writer made use of any data provided by the customer to make the analysis from, and the data does not belong to any valid resources or contains errors, then no refund will be furnished to the customer.
  • Deadlines
    If the prescribed deadline is not met then the customer is eligible for a refund. However if the deadline is delayed due to any modifications in the order asked by the customer, then no refund shall be furnished to the customer